When people find out I am a financial adviser they often say “I need to speak with you” yet countless times they delay this conversation or don’t contact me at all. This is not because they don’t want to. On the contrary, most people think they need to already have money to invest or be better off than where they currently are before they come and see me – But quite frankly this belief is actually not true at all and is in fact one of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to their finances… whether they seek advice or not, the mistake is not taking ACTION!
The problem is, most of us don’t know where to start – and this stuff is not taught at school.
This is why I have created this FREE and informative webinar where I cover 5 mistakes people make when it comes to money, and I show you practical ways to overcome these with a real case study and a workbook for you to implement.
This hour webinar is jam-packed with valuable information on how you can take back control of your finances as well as learn some fundamentals on growing your wealth – Regardless of where you are at, you could be dealing with credit card debt or just living pay cheque to pay cheque.
You may not even realise it but you are already invested in your super so why not start there and then work on other areas you can grow your wealth (and clear debt).
Don’t make another money mistake register today!
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Thursday, 15th September, 2022 at 8pm AEST