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Welcome to Centsability where we chat about money, lifestyle, and wellness.

Our first guest is Lea Schodel, formally a fellow adviser and now Money Coach. I followed in Lea’s footsteps and became a money coach, and it has been a wonderful journey. In this episode we explore what money coaching is and why it’s so important to have a healthy attitude and mindset when it comes to your money.

Lea is a Master Certified Behavioral Money Coach (CMC), former award-winning Financial Adviser among other things. Check her website at

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Some key points include:

  • Why having a healthy attitude and mindset about money is important.
  • The importance of archetype to point out our behavior with money.

The Host

Amie Baker

Amie Baker

Amie is a Certified Money Coach, Financial Planner and Certified Archetype Business Coach.

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