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Episode 2 : We talk to the Co-Author of the Joy of Money - Kate McCallum

Welcome to Centsability where we chat about money, lifestyle, and wellness.

In this episode we chat with Financial Adviser and Co-Author of The Joy of Money, Kate McCallum. Kate is passionate in sharing her knowledge of financial advice to empower woman. This book is a must have for any loved one and it doesn’t matter how old you are this book is filled great information to help anyone take control of their money and enjoy the life that money can bring.

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Some key points include:

  • Understanding what your goals and where you want to go with life
  • Understanding that money was such a strong support for achieving all of those amazing things that we wanted to achieve

The Host

Amie Baker

Amie Baker

Amie is a Certified Money Coach, Financial Planner and Certified Archetype Business Coach.

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