Episode 16 : In this episode we talk to Financial Adviser and Aged Care Specialist AMANDA CASSAR about aged care and why it is so important to get advice

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Financial advice is multi-faceted and Aged Care is one area you want a specialist to help you or your loved ones. I take off my financial planning hat in this interview and ask Amanda Cassar some of her most frequently asked questions around Aged Care, the costs and the process families are faced with when making such important decisions.

Amanda Cassar is an Accredited Aged Care Professional. Check her website listed below.

Trusted Aged Care Services –  www.trustedagedcare.com.au

Some key points include:

  • the importance of getting a Specialist Advice when facing the decision of going into Aged Care

The Host

Amie Baker

Amie Baker

Amie is a Certified Money Coach, Financial Planner and Certified Archetype Business Coach.

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