Amie Baker is the state chair of NSW AFA Inspire – for women in financial services -one of the largest industry bodies in Australia

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Welcome to Centsability​

Our approach to being the best financial advisers is the way we work with our clients and the specialised service we tailor to them. 

In order to provide the right approach to our clients’ long term goals, we must first understand their lives to help them achieve their goals. 

We believe that although you have something to work towards, you also need to enjoy your life now too.

After experiencing personal hard times, my mission is to guide and educate my clients so they can gain back control of their finances.

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The point of Centsability is about making money normal, making money part of the holistic wheel of health. 

It should fit into the same category of managing stress, exercising & eating well. 

Having a really positive outlook with money.

Money Planning

Also known as Money Coaching, is not as well known here in Australia, it is gaining significant attention in other parts of the world like the USA & Canada.

About Amie​

Amie Baker* is a Certified Money Coach and Registered Financial Advisor in Sydney.

Amie is the State Chair of NSW AFA Inspire – for Women in Financial Services -one of the largest industry bodies in Australia.

As a licensed financial planner & practitioner member of the Association of Financial advisers (AFA) and NSW state chair of AFA Inspire, my financial strategy &  financial planning services are provided through my specialised firm Rekab Advice.

*Registred with ASIC as a licence financial adviser.

Amie Baker is an authorised Representative of Lifestyle Asset Management Pty Ltd AFSL 28841, Rekab Advice is the trading name of Rekab enterprises Pty Ltd ABN 22 607 584 240, a corporate Authorised Representative of Lifestyle Asset Management.

All information offered on this website is general in nature. You must consider your personal financial situation and it is recommended you seek financial advice. Money coaching is not financial advice but supports you on your financial goals through awareness of your goals, values and beliefs.