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Money Mindset Coach
| Financial Adviser

Improving your relationship with money

Money Transfromation Course

Do you want to be more in control of your money but don’t even know where to start?

You know there are “money blocks” or things holding you back, but you can’t identify them let alone make changes?

There are really two things you are struggling with: Money Management and Money Mindset

Does the thought of money management make you want to cringe or feel anxious? Or are you just plodding along, all the while knowing you can do better?

I help people like you get out of the rut you are in, transform your relationship with your money, release money blocks, reprogram your money beliefs as well as teach you strategic money management skills to get you kicking your financial goals and living the life you desire.

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To improve your money mindset and grow your wealth

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About Amie​

Hi, I’m Amie. I am a mother of 4 and I have been in the financial services since 2004. I know too well what it is like to financially struggle. Although I had all the technical answers from working in banking to running my own financial planning business – doesn’t mean I didn’t know what financial despair felt like. Back in when I started my business, I was a single mother of 3 little boys. I would often be awake at night thinking about my finances. How I was going to keep things going. My biggest challenge was being a start-up business.

We all have that moment in life where we realise it’s time to “DO SOMETHING”…. It hits you just as you want to go to sleep or nags at you when you are just trying to unwind…. That moment happened to me a few years back. With all my financial knowledge and experience as a financial adviser I still found myself getting stuck then getting unstuck.

All information offered on this website is general in nature. You must consider your personal financial situation and it is recommended you seek financial advice. Money coaching is not financial advice but supports you on your financial goals through awareness of your goals, values and beliefs.