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About Me

Hi I’m Amie,

A Financial Adviser

A Money Mindset Coach,

A Podcaster,

A Coach to financial advisers (teaching them the ways of Money Mindset Coaching)

A mother of 4 children and 2 step adult step children.

I have been married, divorced, for 5 years I was a single parent of 3 boys….. then my life changed as I begun to really do the “money work” which had nothing to do with the dollars and cents.. I had that worked out but was getting stuck – and not just with finances.

I discovered that although I knew the mechanics of money, how to invest, save, and organise banking into a workable system – which I taught and advised my clients to do – it was my mindset, my limiting beliefs and ultimately my subconscious that was holding me back from my true potential.

I knew I was not alone and the more I learnt about this the more I wanted to share it.

Since I began this work – and when I say “this work” I am speaking about doing the work on myself for myself (I practice what I preach) my world began to change. My business grew, my investments grew, opportunities begun to present themselves in ways I never expected. I met my husband, and he now works with me creating our investment portfolios for our financial planning clients. Oh and I have since had another child – our little girl Gracie.

I now own 2 business, have 2 podcasts, 4 children, 2 stepchildren, I am the state chair of Inspire for the AFA (which is an industry body for financial planners in Australia – Inspire is the community of practice for females in finances).

As you can see I am not just a financial adviser or money coach. I am a happy, relaxed entrepreneur who wants to help and guide women who are just like me – hungry to know more and hungry to grow.

I help women uncover the financial jargon so they can confidently take charge of their money. I help them release the of fear of the unknown and be empowered to take charge of their financial future pathing their way to financial independence.

I am passionate about helping women. I want to see more women be open to the conversation of money, I want to see them ask for more, desire more and create more… without guilt, without shame. I want to see more women take charge, invest and diminish the gender wealth gap.