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Episode 47 - Redefining Retirement and Some Key Life Lessons with Peter Graham

In this episode I sit down with the legendary Peter Graham. This is an episode not to be missed, what ever stage you are in life.  

Peter shares how he is changing the way people plan retirement – and it has nothing to do with money, super or investing. Retirement is a new phase in life and it does not just have to be about sitting around and doing nothing… It has more to do with connection, community, and purpose. We spend most of our lives working so we don’t have to so what are we going to do when we don’t need to work anymore? 

Peter also shares with me his personal story on fighting cancer and the 7 things he did daily to stay alive.  

Join us on this heart felt chat that is packed full of wisdom. 

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What to do in retirement to ensure a healthy, happy retirement?

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