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Episode 8 - Brett Baker: The Future of Global Equity Markets, The Current Inflationary Environment, and Future Investment Trends

Brett Baker has 30 years of experience working in financial markets. Brett is a Director of Rekab Advice, works as a future’s trader in the derivative markets, and has a vested interest in private equity and angel investing. Brett also Co-Founded Evergreen Consultants which is an independent investment consulting business, working with financial advisory firms to provide a range of bespoke investment solutions designed to deliver flexibility, efficiency, and an enhanced client experience. Evergreen was founded in 2016 and is now recognised as one of the pre-eminent investment consulting services In Australia. Brett has also had experience managing sales teams for Citygroup, where he developed and managed wholesale broking services that sold a range of financial products to financial intermediaries. In this week’s episode, Brett provides us with insights into the future of global equity markets, the current inflationary environment, and future investment trends. Join us in this week’s episode to hear more.

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