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Episode 22 - Canna Campbell: How to Achieve an Empowering Financial Future

The affluent investor now more than ever before, is aspiring to achieve a healthy financial future and is seeking financial advice, however there are many that are deterred because of the high costs of advice. On the other hand, Canna Campbell a licensed registered adviser, passionate about helping people get their personal finances on track, offers an affordable means to achieving financial freedom. She is the founder and director of financial media platform SugarMamma.TV. She is a keynote speaker, financial expert, bestselling author of The $1000 Project & Mindful Money, and owns and operates her own financial planning firm, called SASS financial. It’s safe to say she is a pretty awesome individual.
In this week’s episode of Equity Gals, we had the privilege of chatting with Canna where we discussed how she got to where she is today, the challenges she overcame navigating her career, financial insights and tips, and the future of Sugarmamma.TV.

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