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Episode 7 - Matt Heine: The Future of Netwealth, How to Scale a Fintech Startup & Investing Tips

Netwealth Investments is a superannuation and investment tech platform that aims to provide investors and wealth professionals with a better way to invest, protect and manage their wealth. Netwealth is currently rated Australia’s Number 1 Platform for overall functionality and overall satisfaction* providing wealth professionals with the technology required to efficiently manage and add value to their clients. Netwealth currently manages 52 billion dollars funds under management and is quickly becoming one of the leading platforms in the financial services industry. In this week’s episode we had the privilege of chatting with Matt Heine, Joint Managing Director of Netwealth investments. We discussed the future of Netwealth and trends in the financial services industry, how Netwealth scaled a 5-person startup to what it is today and Matt also provide some great investing tips for new investors starting out in the market. Join us in this week’s episode to hear more.
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