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Episode 6 - Meggie Palmer CEO and Founder of PepTalkHer Talks Bridging the Gender Pay Gap

In this week’s episode we had the privilege of chatting with Meggie Palmer the CEO and Founder of  PepTalkHer. PepTalkHer was founded with the sole purpose of bridging the gender pay gap and acts as a catalyst of change for women across the world. Meggie Palmer founded Peptalkher after experiencing inequality in the workplace. Peptalkher are leading advocates for change empowering women across the world providing training and education for some of the biggest companies, including Salesforce, JP Morgan and Linkedin. Peptalkher also have an app to help give women a career pep talk, which you can download here. The PepTalkher website also has amazing resources on how you can close the gap in your own lives, which you can access here. Come and join us in this week’s episode to hear from Meggie Palmer herself discuss why the gender pay gap exists, her work, and what change you can implement in your own lives.

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