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Episode 14 - Paige Doherty: How I Started A VC Firm At 23

It’s people like Paige who prove that limiting beliefs we impose on ourselves hold us back. She defied the odds of self-imposed beliefs our society has placed on ourselves that gender and age bias hold us back and show us the impossible is possible. Paige Doherty is the Founding Partner of Behind Genius Ventures. BGV is an early-stage fund investing in product led growth companies at the future of work and play at the pre-seed/seed stage. Paige is the author of an amazing children’s book called, Seed to Harvest: A Simple Explanation of Venture Capital. It provides concise, technical insights into venture capital and simplifies misunderstood venture capital jargon not only for children but also for adults. Paige has recently started her own podcast called 🌱 Seed to Harvest 🌱 and recently made Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Listen in on this week’s episode to hear about how Paige started a VC Fund in her 20’s.
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