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Episode 20 - Reinventing Investing To Change The World: Arjun & Ally @ Inaam

Arjun and Ally spent a large portion of their young adult life trying to learn and understand how to invest.
After feeling disheartened by how inaccessible financial literacy actually is, they decided to create an impact investment platform that allows you to customise your portfolio to your needs.Until recently, there has not been a consistent industry approach to assessing the responsible investing characteristics of funds and portfolios, and this can be an overwhelming task to screen ethical investments if you lack the knowledge or expertise.Like yourself, they care about our planet and the people on it. This is why they have set-out to create an investing app that makes this process easy and convenient. So, you can invest knowing you’re making an impact in companies that align with you. Listen in on this week’s episode to learn more about inaam and how to build an ethical investment portfolio with ease.

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