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Episode 46 – Getting Our Heads Around Why Financial Literacy and Setting Financial Goals is Key to Living Your Best Life

In this episode I take a deep dive into what to consider when creating a financial plan – in fact there are 7 things to consider. As part of this, the key thing here is really understanding how money works and why financial literacy is so important. I believe if we understand how money really works, and how it can work for us, then we have the ability to create the life we desire. 

Having the right mindset in creating our financial plan and more importantly implementing our plan is also a key ingredient to your success.  

Setting goals, tracking our progress, and celebrating our wins are all part of the process – and in my opinion the fun part. As I often say – make it fun, gamify it. Enjoy seeing your money get to work for you. 

What ever your goal is, where ever you are at, the first thing you must do is get started. And start here and now. Don’t wait… What are you waiting for anyway? To earn more? To have more? Why not create that for yourself with what you already have? 

In this episode I also speak about the course I am launching – currently in the Beta stage which will be launched to the public in the new year. If you are interested in knowing more or what to join my waitlist, please click here.

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