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Episode 53 - IWD Special: Are We There Yet? And What We Need To Do About It?

The 8th of March was International Women’s day – and the AFA NSW Inspire committee and I hosted a sold out luncheon to our financial services community to celebrate and evoke thought and challenge those attending on how we can all make positive change for a more equitable future for women as well as much needed funds for the Equanimity Project.

Last Friday (the 31st of March 2023) Workplace Gender Equality Amendment (Closing the Gender Pay Gap Bill) 2023 was passed, and although this may not seem significant for everyone – it is for many of my clients, women I work with at The Equanimity Project, my colleagues and myself. On the 6th of March, the Financy Index published that the average gender pay gap in Australia was 22.8%, which was slightly lower than 2021. In Australia we have a massive gender wealth gap and this has been caused by multiple reasons – one of which is the gender pay gap.

So, asking are we there yet? Is the question many women where asking in early March as we considered the UNs International Women’s Day theme: Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future. In this episode, I share some important things that we need to consider making change happen. The past few weeks I have been speaking at events on and around this topic. I also was involved in a white paper that was published by Netwealth on females being the new face of wealth – a very optimistic view on where we are heading, however, this very paper also shares some concerning statistics around women’s attitudes and beliefs when it comes to money management and investing. If you want to have a look at some of the data that came out of the Netwealth white paper – then please click here and register for a copy.  

We can read and appreciate all of these statistics and information and even celebrate that our government is calling for change too, BUT what are we all doing in our own lives to improve not only our communities, work cultures, household but our personal relationship with money too. 

In episode 53, I share my views on how we can all play our part in creating a gender equal future, and it starts from understanding how we got here, having an awareness of our own subconscious bias’s and how we are all responsible for making change happen…. And often it starts with ourselves.  

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