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Money Mindset Coaching for Goals Based Advice 1: Improving the fact finding process to enhance your client's results

Welcome to the First Series of the Money Mindset Coaching for Goals Based Advice.

In this episode, Cara and I discuss how deep we should really go to know our client in order to support them on a successful financial journey. How did the client get to this point anyway? We discuss how the coaching process enables you as the adviser to uncover patterns and behaviours and your clients internal conditioning around money. This is about so much more than just the numbers and is ​another tool you can use to understand your client and help them achieve their goals. 

Are you ready to support your clients on a deeper level and empower them to achieve financial freedom? Click here to find out more about the Money Mindset Coaching Course for Goals Based Advice.

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The Hosts

Amie Baker

Amie Baker

Amie is a licensed Financial Adviser and Money Mindset Coach, her focus is helping people create the financial future they desire through strategy and coaching.

Cara Mollica

Cara Mollica

Cara is the founder of Savvy Wealth, former financial planner and a money mindset coach who supports women in becoming financially free and independent.

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