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Episode 45 - Part 2 of the Mortgage Broker's Wisdom

We continue our conversation with fellow adviser and mortgage Broker John Cachia about strategy when it comes to lending and wealth creation.

Ever wondered what “Debt Recycling” is or “positive or negative gearing”? Are they one in the same? Perhaps you are already investigating if this is the strategy to create wealth and want to look at borrowing more against your property and considering if this is the right way forward for you.

In this episode we explore the concept of “leveraging” and the terms of Gearing or Debt recycling and what all this means – including the advantages and disadvantages to using these strategies.

We also discuss what level of capital or equity you would need to be able to borrow more funds to “grow your wealth” and break down the jargon so you understand the ins and outs to this strategy.

As always, there are far more than what you can borrow to consider – and when borrowing money, you really need to know your numbers (in terms of cash flow) as well factor in all the possible risks associated with your potential investment.

Tune in for this juicy podcast.

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