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Episode 37 - Reset, Reframe and Rewire Your Money Beliefs to Ensure Greater Success

We have a problem; we have a gender pay gap problem, a gender wealth gap problem and a lack of financial literacy which could and should help resolved some of this problem…

But I feel there is something else we need along with this financial literacy piece. So in this special episode I invite you into my story. My WHY, what I have been up to of late and the truth about what has motivated me in this career now and beyond.

A few weeks ago, I held an event here in Sydney to launch my new money transformation course and in this episode you get to hear what this is all about.

The fact is we need this. I needed this as much as anyone, which is honestly why it took me over 3 years to get this project off the ground. You see, I needed to do the mindset work myself. I needed to grow, I needed to be challenged and I needed to look within to what was holding me back. Out of this experience has come a wealth of knowledge, years of research and of course personal challenges to boot.

So, if the idea of wanting to take control of your finances but you have never known where to start then this podcast is for you. This is not actually about the mechanics of money or strategies in how to invest (however I do teach this in the upcoming course), this is about how you can reset, reframe and rewire your money beliefs to ensure greater success. Come with me on this journey.

Curious about what MMC is all about? Why not join the waitlist to the Centsability Money Transformation Course here (

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more money tips as well as mindset coaching strategies to help you evolve and grow with your finances.

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