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Episode 48 – Say Hello To A Successful Year!

We’re back kicking off the new year with a practical step by step guide on how to kick your goals and create a super successful year.

In this episode we explore the practical steps to manifesting the life you want… And no, it really is not all about sitting on a mat and wishing your dream life to appear. If you know me at all, I am all about helping my students and clients achieve their financial goals with practical and achievable strategies –  so this is no different.

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In this episode I cover these 10 practical steps to setting yourself up for success:

  1. Be clear with your vision – what exactly are your setting out to achieve?
  2. Tap into the feeling of achievement and gratitude as if you have already achieved this goal – visiualise and tap into the feeling
  3. Create a plan which will get you on track to achieving your goal… And break this down to bite size pieces
  4. Behave. Feel and think like your future self… they made it so what action did they take? And be that person now.
  5. Practice gratitude daily and always be aware of your energy.
  6. Celebrate your wins – no matter how small
  7. Track your progress
  8. “Gamify” the process to keep you on track – a brain hack giving you the instant gratification you need to keep going
  9. Use Apps and other reminders such as a board to see your progress
  10. Enjoy the ride and treat all challenges and set backs as lessons.

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And finally, the books I mentioned in this episode are:

Love Money, Money loves you – by Sarah McCrumm
Manifest: 7 steps to living your best life – by Roxie Mafousi