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Episode 49 – Shifting our mindset so we remain on track with money goals

I spoke about how to set yourself up for success in my last episode as we head into a new year, so it was only fitting for me to continue this conversation and go deeper into how to shift your money mindset into gear.

In this episode I uncover some of the key aspects of money mindset coaching – sharing how the subconscious works – the clues you can uncover to why you may be in avoidance or sabotaging the actual thing you deeply desire and what to do about it.

The first step is awareness. We need to understand how our “programming” has hindered us from out true and great potential. What is your self-talk like when it comes to money? Do you tell yourself your terrible at it? Do you avoid looking at your finances?

Do you know your money story? This could be the biggest insight to why you are currently in the situation you are in and having this awareness can be game changing.

Could your subconscious be holding you back from doing more, having more, investing more when it comes to money? IF any of this sounds familiar then join me today as we explore whats really going on when you start out with all the right intentions but quickly things seems to go pear shaped and your financial goals are kick to the curb…. You don’t really want that but your not exactly sure why and how this happens every time you intent on improving your finances.

Once you understand what’s really going on you will be able to identify limiting beliefs and actually do something about it. Ask yourself empowering questions and take action by stepping into the future self of who you want to be and achieving what you set out to achieve.

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