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Feeling flustered about your finances?

Learn how to confidently take care of your money + create the financial savvy and security you’ve always dreamed of

Tell me. Does any of this sound familiar?

You want to feel in control of your money. Cool, calm, confident and collected around your finances.

Because there’s few things in life more anxiety-inducing or disempowering than knowing you don’t have your money handled.

Perhaps you want to set a good example for your kids — showing them how to manage their money well. Or maybe you want to know you don’t need to ask Mum and Dad for money to get you by — because you’ve got a handle on it, and you’re standing strong on your own two feet.

The only problem is. You don’t know how!​

Despite the fact that you’re earning good money, you’ve got nothing to show for it. More often than not there’s too much month at the end of the money — and your approach to budgeting is more “mess” and “guess” than organised.

You know you need to start thinking longer term. In quiet moments you stress about whether you’ll have “enough” money in the future. You worry that you “should” have your money together by now, right? But you really, really don’t.

Meanwhile, you’re promising to yourself that “next month” you’ll get on top of your finances… but then life gets in the way! Whether it’s work, parenting, self-care, or socialising, there’s always something else to focus on.

The good news?

It’s not too late to make a difference to your financial future, and take control of your money.​

Everyone can build a better financial future. Everyone can take control of their money, and steward it more consciously. All it takes are some simple techniques. And a little energy poured into the right places!

Because when you take away all the fear and anxiety it stirs up right now, money is actually very easy to manage, and very easy to attract. And it’s a vehicle for creating the life you want.

Which is what I’m here to show you!

Introducing: The Centsability

Money Transformation Program

Over 90-days you’ll learn the time-tested process I’ve taught and refined with my Financial Advisory clients over the last 16+ years. (And that I use myself!) Get ready for simple, actionable ways to become more financially free, and get a handle on your finances — once and for all.

The Nitty Gritty Details
Why I Created This Program

Having worked as both a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor for 16+ years, I’ve seen countless women (and some great men) struggling with money — while being well aware that the clock is ticking to get control of it.

If you’re in the same boat, please don’t be hard on yourself. It’s not a surprise! The truth is, there’s simply not enough financial education out there — I’m certain your University degree didn’t cover “Investing 101” — so I’m on a mission to change that.

I’m also a wholehearted believer that your finances should be a part of your wellness wheel — because if you get the money part of it right, your life will be less stressful, and more fun.

It’s time to become friends with your money. Money Transformation is all about empowering you with the information and strategies you need to get savvy with your finances, and finally begin to enjoy and understand your money — rather than fear it or fret about it — while making it work harder for you.

Go Ahead: Peek Inside the Program

We’ll cover the foundations of a solid financial plan, including…

Often overlooked but this has to be the most powerful key to getting your financial future on track

  • Uncover what has been holding you back with your money story and re-wire and reframe a new belief system
  • Understand how your subconscious has been the driving force of your mindset
  • Befriend your money, rather than see it as a source of stress, struggle, or shame.
  • Embrace a gratitude practice that will transform your relationship to money.
  • Dive deeply into the energetics of money — and learn how to magnetise more of it to flow towards you.

Learn how to manage your day-to-day spending and expenses without overwhelm — or giving up everything you love.

  • Undertake a guided money audit to shine a light on every dollar you spend — and get honest about whether it’s something you’re getting value from or not.
  • Build a budget that works for you. If you get the formula right (which is what I will teach you), you can still enjoy your money and your lifestyle. This is not about deprivation.
  • Set up an automated process to manage your banking — so all the good habits we’re implementing together don’t fade away, and you don’t have to spend all your time tracking digits in a spreadsheet.
  • My favourite apps, software, and tools for managing your money — so you don’t need to trawl the Internet and waste time trying to find a system that works. Use mine!
  • Understand the different kinds of debt — from the good, to the bad, to the unavoidable — and the strategies I recommend to tackle each of them.
  • Create a doable plan to address any debt you may have built up.
  • Swipe my secrets for stopping debt from snowballing. (This is a lifesaver. Literally)
  • Score big wins by tapping into the power of compounding interest.
  • Get my shortcuts for pain-free savings (so you barely even notice you’re putting money aside) — and clever tricks so that you can save, even while you spend!
  • Learn how and where to put money away for your short/medium/long-term goals.
  • Master the energetics of saving — channelling the excitement of it, rather than seeing it as a chore. I’ll show you how.

One of the biggest mistakes I see women making is not leveraging their Super — so I’m going to teach you the importance of giving your Super some love.

  • Discover why your super is your biggest asset — for most women even more so than any property investment you may have.
  • What to do if you haven’t touched your Super until now (don’t panic!)
  • My best tips for getting engaged with your Super, and making it work extra-hard for you. These tweaks and tactics can make all the difference to your financial future, and your ability to live a comfortable life when you retire.
  • It’s no good setting goals you “think” you should reach — instead, I will show you how to set aligned financial goals that you’re excited to work towards.
  • Create a vision for your life — & a basic financial game plan to help you realise it.
  • Establish baby steps to reach your goals — not overwhelming ones. THIS is the key to a sustainable financial plan you can actually commit to.

Did someone say bonuses?



In this bonus training, we’re diving deeper into money mindset coaching – I will show you practical and tools to reshape your relationship with money and ultimately “MANIEFEST” more into your life!

Expect aha-s a-plenty as you discover your money blocks, how to recognise when it causes you to sabotage your progress…and how to gently stop yourself from falling into the same patterns again and again!

All the strategies in the world won’t help you if you don’t take action. So if you know you have certain “unhelpful” money habits this will be incredibly supportive for you. (And you’ll realise you are completely, utterly normal — no shame to be had here!)

How does the program work?

This intensive course takes the format of:

It’s like having me as your Money Coach and Advisor…but without the higher price-tag of 1:1 services.

Normally this financial wisdom would cost $3,300 to $5,500 to work through privately with me. But if you’re not ready or able to invest in a Financial Adviser, this program is the perfect way to educate yourself — and take loving control of your financial present and future.

Take control of your money in 90 days

Make no mistake. These strategies are invaluable.

But I made the decision not to introduce it at a higher price, even though it’s worth so much more, to make it accessible to every woman who needs it. So for NOW, you can get all this knowledge for a fraction of what it would cost to work with me and implement it 1-1.

Go from stressed to savvy


Hi, Money Warrior! I’m Amie Baker.

I am a qualified Financial Adviser, and currently NSW state chair of AFA Inspire (which is focused on women in financial services.) I am a Certified Money Coach and Certified Business Archetype Coach, and am currently undertaking my Masters in Financial Advice.(Self-confessed learning junkie!)

After starting out at St George Bank in 2004 I discovered a passion for helping people reach their financial goals. Along the way, I lived through the changes many of my clients are working through themselves — marriage, children, divorce, starting my own business as a single-parent, remarrying, and merging finances…and I know all too well how such an important issue of financial planning can fall by the wayside, or become hard to take control of.

But I also know that money is easy to manage when you have the right information. Knowledge equals confidence, clarity, and calm.

So I want to empower you with the wealth of knowledge you need to take control of your financial future, and nurture your relationship with money.

This 90-day program is perfect for women who know it’s time to take charge of their finances, once and for all.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

You’re in the right place. This knowledge will help you do all of these things, and more.


Got some lingering questions?
Let me get them answered.

You’ll be granted access to the course for 12 months. The last thing I want is someone to purchase and think “I’ll get to this next year” because next year never comes. You’ve got to invest time and energy into this to work.

I recommend a good 60-90 minutes each week to go through the course and practice money mindfulness. The first 4 weeks of the program are the most intensive, with larger homework assignments, because you’ll be doing your money audit and setting your cash flow plan.

Beyond that, I do recommend looking at your online banking system (which we’ll set up) regularly — not to cause anxiety, but to make sure the plan you’ve created is working, and to become friendly with your money rather than fearful.

No problem at all! I teach you how to manage money with your partner in the program — and you can apply all the strategies to shared accounts and spending.

I will say that as women, I also believe it’s important that we maintain our autonomy and have some of our own money, if possible — to avoid codependency. Money can trigger a lot of that — as I’ve seen in my clients (and my own life, too).

That being said, these saving/debt-reduction/banking strategies are applicable whatever your situation or account set-up.

Yes! 100%. This will help you as it’s empowering you to make friends with money, attract money to you, and be in control of your finances.

For just $109 a week you can get a complete money-management process explained simply — nixing the confusion and overwhelm, and replacing it with clarity and baby steps you can start taking immediately. This program provides the foundations of rocking your finances — and the most important things y0u need to know.

Everything I teach in here IS doable, and actionable. You CAN do it. You just have to commit. If you do, I promise, you’ll feel so much more comfortable and confident and in control of our money. And that feeling? It’s priceless.

COVID has been crazy, circumstances have changed for so many people, and I understand financial situations have shifted. Your super is probably your biggest asset, so I will teach you how to maximise that — even if that’s the only place you put any savings and investments for now.

The other money-wrangling strategies I teach in this program will serve you well — because you’ll learn how to better steer the money you do have.

This will 100% still help you. There may be a few tiny tweaks to what I teach (for example, your country’s retirement fund may be slightly different to the Australian Super), but at the end of the day, you’re learning to control your money…and that crosses country borders.

I’m also including monthly live Q&A webinars as part of the program, so if you have any location-specific questions, we can get to them then!

At the end of this course you’ll walk away feeling:​

  • You finally know how to take control of your money… so you can stop waiting to be “rescued”…. or relying on your husband or partner to deal with the finances.
  • Crystal clear on how you can achieve your financial goals…whatever they may be. Whether it’s saving for your retirement, a holiday, your kid’s education, or stopping work early.
  • As if you’ve made friends with money for perhaps the first time ever — and you actually ENJOY engaging with your money!
  • Confident in (and thrilled by) your ability to make better, more informed financial choices for yourself — and in creating a financially stable future.
  • PLUS, you’ll have an automated banking system in place — with spending, saving, investment and debt-reduction strategies that are customised to you.

When you change your relationship with money, and you learn how to steward it consciously, magic happens. Lives change. Confidence soars.

So are you in?

YES! I’m ready to build my rock-solid financial foundations.

Take The Special Offer

1 payment of $100

A Closing Note:

Ultimately money will be more positive towards us when we have a more positive attitude towards it. That’s the intention of this program: To empower and educate women like you, so you can experience exactly that. No more fear. No more fretting.