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Episode 44 - Understanding the Mortgage Brokers Wisdom in this Current Climate of Creeping Interest Rates

On this episode I speak with fellow financial adviser and mortgage broker John Cachia. John and I have a candid chat about the importance of having the right strategy when it comes to borrowing in this current environment….. and surprise surprise interest rates are not the only key factor here. The one thing we both agree upon is being very clear on your goals, assessing the risk prior to borrowing and/or refinancing and the importance of cash flow management. John also shares some of the recent mistakes he has seen people made over the last few years when the financial markets were doing well.

If you are sitting on the fence to seeking advice or perhaps considering speaking to a broker to either review your existing mortgage or to borrow, then this is a valuable listen – seeking a professional who aims to ensure your long term success is a great investment of your time. Look out for part 2 of this podcast as well. We would love to hear any comments or questions, and don’t forget if you like what you hear, please like, share and rate these shows.

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