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Episode 41 - We Chat With Kylie on Mindset, Living Our Best Lives and Dealing With Addictions

In this episode I have a candid and very open chat with Kylie Butler – Executive Recovery Coach, co-founder of From Here On and founder and host of the A meaningful life by design podcast. Kylie and I explore how having an awareness of our thoughts, patterns and behaviours is an integral part in getting the right mindset in creating the life you desire… Kylie shares openly her journey from tackling with addiction to helping high achievers reach their potential and how our trauma can be a platform to expediential growth.

Kylie has always had a deep interest in understanding people’s psychological drivers and has spent many years studying to better understand the human mind. Kylie is a trained coach and has paired continual academic study with the study of Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Most recently she’s studied Complex Psychological Trauma under Dr Reshie Joseph and gained accreditation as a certified Recovery Coach. Kylie started her first Business Consulting and Career Coaching business 7 years ago.

Taking the concept of mindset to all areas of life.

This was a humbling beautiful conversation, and I am so grateful for Kylie, for sharing her journey with such vulnerability. Although this was not a direct chat about money, mindset has everything to do with every area of our lives. I hope some aspect of this chat is helpful, entertaining, and engaging.

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