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Episode 52 – What $100 Can Do For Your Financial Future….

In this episode I explore a simple strategy of investing just $100 each week and how this could turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. I also share the importants of being clear with your short term and long term goals and why savings and also investing is something to be considered as part of your strategy. 

In this episode I also mention a new bank I stumbled across from one of my CMTC students called UP bank. I love when I find new finance apps, accounts and investing tools that help me, my clients and students reach their financial goals and this one certainly does that. If you are after a high interest savings account that also allows you to round up purchases and does not charge overseas transaction fees (among many other great features) then check out:  

During this podcast I used the compound interest calculator from the Money Smart website: This is a great tool to use to plan and forecast potential financial outcomes – as well as keep you motivated. 

Whatever your goal is, where ever you are at, the first thing you must do is get started. And start here and now. Don’t wait… What are you waiting for anyway? To earn more? To have more? Why not create that for yourself with what you already have? 

In this episode I also speak about the course I am launching – currently in the Beta stage which will be launched to the public in the new year. If you are interested in knowing more or what to join my waitlist, please click here.

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