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Episode 54 – Why Fashion & Personal Style Are Not the Same!

We’ve all experienced it: Standing in front of our wardrobe feeling drab, drained and uninspired. Don’t blame it on the clothes! As we’re learning on this episode of Centsability, a personal style refresh may be all you need. My guest, Gessica Marmotta, isn’t talking about a huge and costly shopping spree or the latest designer brand. Her coaching framework is all about uncovering and connecting with a personal style that is truly our own. Much as a financial advisor knows how to cultivate successful money mindsets, Gessica’s styling services cultivate our most successful selves – radiant, confident and unique. Under her watchful eye, my wardrobe underwent a total transformation; an empowering adventure that resulted not only in the reimagination of pieces I already had but the addition of some simple, affordable items that tied everything together in new and exciting ways. It’s important self-care that pays amazing dividends! You’ll learn about the importance of developing a signature style as well as exploring colors and accessories you’ve long thought you shouldn’t wear. We’re also sharing five great ideas to liven up your wardrobe and a call to action for anyone clinging to negative programming or limiting beliefs. Who we are isn’t what we wear, but what we wear can certainly influence how we feel and show up in the world. So join us for a deep dive into the power of creating a “visual voice,” how individual style differs from trendy fashion and why getting help from a coach is an incredibly savvy investment, both professionally and personally!

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  • Investing In Ourselves: Why Gessica and her services represent an investment in our personal development that pays big dividends.
  • Emotional Transformations: About the psychological and practical boost that results from defining and creating systems around style – everything from clearer decision-making to a renewed sense of vitality.
  • Your Visual Voice: Knowing your own style enhances life and cultivates confidence.
  • About Mindfulness: Getting clarity and taking your wardrobe in hand means reducing waste – wasted money, wasted landfill, wasted time and mental space.
  • A Practical Approach: How Gessica goes about creating step-by-step systems for her clients, including a photo catalog of outfits that express their unique personal style.
  • How She Does It: Gessica’s consulting is based on intuition and an intimate understanding of her clients’ sensibility, personality and beliefs.
  • Shifting Mindsets: Why Gessica believes debunking old stories we’ve told ourselves is key to moving beyond self-limiting thoughts about what we can and cannot wear.
  • Fashion Lemmings: About outsized logos and other fashion trends that underscore insecurity and a need for validation – rather than personal style and confidence.
  • Budget Consciousness: How Gessica analyzes existing wardrobe pieces in order to weave in new pieces that complement and give new life to what’s already in your closet.
  • How to Get Started (ideally with the help of a professional):
  • Step 1: Edit and declutter your closet to uncover the gems, reimagine what’s there and shed the rest!
  • Step 2: Rethink your shopping habits and call out emotional or impulse purchasing.
  • Step 3: Choose strategic pieces to refresh and reinvent your wardrobe.
  • Underrated & Underutilized: Why accessories are transformational, cost-effective and offer that perfect, personalized special touch!
  • It’s All Self-Care: About the parallels between fashion and financial coaching – and how both can help us feel uplifted and more in control of our lives and moods.
  • In the Balance: Using equal parts playfulness and seriousness (in fashion and in life) to elevate mood, open doors and recapture freedom.
  • Owning Yourself: How developing a “visual voice” enables us to radiate our best selves.
  • Five Top Tips:
  • Accessorize! There are so many ways to make things pop.
  • Invest in a classic, tailored blazer – in blue, black or perhaps red.
  • Add a pop of color (with elements like a scarf or broach).
  • Try the art of layering, mixing and matching pieces to give them new life.
  • Include “wow!” pieces that are individual to you and your style.
  • Fashion v. Style:
  • Fashion is about trends (that may or may not suit you).
  • Style is all about what makes you come alive and feel happy!
  • Gessica’s vision for personal style is all about enticing us to do things a bit differently – experimenting, exploring, getting creative – and stepping out of our comfort zones!


  • “I am big a believer in using your money for all areas of life. We’ve got to enjoy our money. We’ve got to invest our money. We’ve got to feel good about ourselves!” (Amie)
  • “It’s not about the clothes, per se, but about the clothes that you place on your body and that make a difference to your emotions.” (Gessica)
  • “There’s nothing worse than feeling drab or uncomfortable … and I know many women fall into that trap – a dangerous trap to fall into.” (Amie)
  • “Every single client is very different in terms of what is going to work on them and what doesn’t … (and) getting through those old beliefs to eradicate or at least rattle them!” (Gessica)
  • “There are trends and then there is that classic style!” (Amie)
  • “It’s very difficult for a lot of people who don’t know their own self-worth to get off that (fashion marketing-driven) treadmill.” (Gessica)
  • “When I really started to step into my personal style and play with color and take onboard all the things you’ve taught me, I would get stopped in the street often.” (Amie)
  • “(When) you own your style, it shows. It’s a feeling. People are seeing you glow.” (Gessica)
  • “There is so much gold and treasure in people’s wardrobes. It’s incredible (when) decluttering makes wardrobes visible.” (Gessica)
  • “You do not walk out of the house naked everyday so why not be deliberate about what you put on your body? … But also be playful. If you can get that balance right, then you’re really honing in on a pretty great mood!” (Gessica)
  • “We’ve got to start shaking off the negative programming and self-doubt and reprogram ourselves to be that little kid that had the infinite potential and was living in their castle.” (Amie)
  • “Styling and clothes is not a life-or-death situation but it certainly does enhance your life … It opens your mind to explore with more fun and playfulness.” (Gessica)
  • “Investing in clothing and being really mindful about how you present is a financial investment – and one that can pay dividends.” (Amie)
  • “Fashion trends come and go. That’s what fashion trends are … It’s about working with the trend, not letting the trend consume you.” (Gessica)

Check out more of Gessica’s thoughts in “A Personal Stylist Shares Her Fashion Dos & Don’ts”, featured recently in The Suite Collective. Click here to subscribe to Gessica’s online Style Journal, full of inspiring fashion ideas.

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Amie Baker is a licensed financial advisor and money coach. She is especially passionate about helping women achieve financial freedom. Her holistic approach incorporates everything from investing advice to self-care, how to think like an entrepreneur and take charge of your financial future. Amie is also the host of two podcasts focused on empowering money mindsets.

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