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Work With Amie

As your Money Mindset Coach

After years of working as a financial adviser Amie discovered the missing link that was holding her clients back from reaching their true potential – Money Mindset. Amie not only works one on one with clients, but also teaches financial advisers how to be Money Mindset Coaches in their Planning Practice.

Book In your one-on-one Session with live video session with Amie

60 mins

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As your Financial Adviser

As a financial adviser, I can help you build the financial frame work around the lifestyle you desire. Whether it be to retire at a certain age and with a certain income stream in mind, or to build a diversified wealth creation strategy.

At Rekab Advice we take a holistic approach to your financial goals. We are licenced to give advice and offer a range of services such as insurance advice, superannuation and retirement advice, wealth creation strategies and we also have a private wealth service.

To better understand your financial planning needs, inquire today.

For more information about our Financial planning services please visit Rekab Advice