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When people find out I am a financial adviser they often say “I need to speak with you” yet countless times they delay this conversation or don’t contact me at all. This is not because they don’t want to. On… Read More »Webinar 5 Big Mistakes People Make

Does money have power over you or do you have power over money, and how to recognise this and shift your perspective to be more in control. Ever feel stressed and anxious over your finances? Ever worry about what the future… Read More »How to Flex Your Money Power

Money Forum

5 Ways To Manage Debt Join Now In this current economic climate – increasing costs of living and looming interest rate increases – we will discuss practical ways to save money and strategies to reduce debt. I will be available… Read More »Webinar 5 Ways to Manage Your Debt

This session focuses on how you can enhance the financial planning process through evolving your clients’ mindset and behaviours with money. It’s about working with them to understand their true goals and values and how the subconscious mind has a… Read More »Changing Your Client’s Money Mindset

WIN a Sarah Lloyd designer blazer and a $1100 Money Coach Session from REKAB Advice.

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