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Episode 55 – Changing Our Financial Narratives

Many of us think immediately of the economic nuts and bolts when it comes to financial planning, but this episode of Centsability is focused on the big picture, including the emotional baggage many of us carry when it comes to money. Host Amie Baker invites her good friend, Dawn Thomas, to share thoughts about her journey as a Senior Financial Adviser at The Wealth Designers. Their conversation takes on thorny issues such as shame, fear and scarcity thinking – negative mindsets that can keep us stuck in an unhealthy (often counterproductive) relationship with money. “I’m not here just to put a spreadsheet in your face,” says Dawn, who is also the host of Your Money Story. “If you want to work with me as an adviser, it’s really got to be a pretty open, brutal, honest relationship.” It’s all about getting real! You’ll come away from this discussion with a clearer understanding of the holistic role financial advisers play – not just when we’ve amassed wealth but in the early stages of planning that set the stage for long-term freedom. Herself a graduate of Amie’s Money Mindset course, Dawn explains her deepened understanding around how the stories we tell ourselves can block us from visioning the lives we want and deserve. Enjoy Part I of what will be a multi-part exploration of women, financial literacy and how to embrace mindsets that foster abundance and banish fear! 

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  • Origin Story: How Dawn transitioned from a background in the arts to a focus on financial empowerment – in particular helping women harness wealth. 
  • Inviting Abundance: How Amie’s Money Mindset coaching helped Dawn unlock and change her narratives around finances. 
  • Gender Bias: Addressing cultural barriers that create feelings of daily financial stress in 53% of women, who continue to earn on average 22% less than men. 
  • Turning Points: What it looks like (transformation!) to fully take accountability and bring awareness to patterns of thought and cultural-economic defaults that do not serve. 
  • Letting Go of Shame: Why Dawn resonates deeply with clients unnecessarily beating up on themselves while managing through financial transitions. 
  • Embracing the Journey: About the ways in which many people misread the role of financial planning and fear – rather than celebrate – the confidence it can yield. 
  • Things To Get Honest About with Your Financial Adviser: 
  • What’s causing you pain?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What’s that impostor voice really saying?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you truly desire?
  • What worries you most about your finances?
  • Releasing Fear: Why it’s so important to recognise the hormonal and other very real physiological impacts of scarcity thinking and (often irrational) financial anxiety.  
  • Challenging the Narrative: Are you choosing your language in ways that reinforce the life you want? Are you programming positive thoughts to define and attract what you desire? 
  • Check Your Self-Talk: How to visualise and reimagine an abundant life, including invaluable quality-of-life experiences that positive thinking and money provide. 
  • Heathy Partnering: A closer look at the ways in which couples can support each other in mutually managing financial portfolios and responsibilities, jointly and as individuals. 
  • On the Horizon: A pause to acknowledge the overarching power of mindset change and how financial planning transforms futures – both practically and emotionally – over time. 


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Amie Baker is a licensed financial advisor and money coach. She is especially passionate about helping women achieve financial freedom. Her holistic approach incorporates everything from investing advice to self-care, how to think like an entrepreneur and take charge of your financial future. Amie is also the host of two podcasts focused on empowering money mindsets. 

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Please note that any information shared in this podcast is general in nature and not to be perceived as financial advice. Please seek advice from a licensed financial advisor.

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