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Episode 55 – Changing Our Financial Narratives

In this compelling episode of Centsability, Amie welcomes Nicole Gardner, the visionary behind Stellar Wealth, to discuss the vital role of financial education and empowerment, especially for women.  

They walk us through Nicole’s journey into financial planning, her motivation, and the creation of Stellar Wealth. Nicole shares insights into her social media presence as, focusing on financial empowerment over literacy and the importance of starting to invest early. 

The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the challenges and triumphs of self-employment, the significance of financial advice in navigating market volatility, and the empowering aspect of financial planning for women. Nicole and Amie emphasize the critical role of time in investment and discuss strategies to help clients achieve financial freedom and confidence in their financial journey. 

This episode is a treasure trove of advice for anyone looking to gain financial independence or understand the value of financial planning. It’s particularly insightful for women seeking to carve out their path in the financial world or anyone facing the challenges of balancing family life with financial goals. 

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  • The Power of Financial Education: Nicole underscores the importance of financial empowerment and education, especially on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. 
  • Early Investing: The significance of starting to invest early, leveraging compounding interest, and the impact of time in the market. 
  • Challenges of Self-Employment: Nicole shares her journey of starting Stella Wealth and the empowerment that comes from running your own business.
  • Financial Advice in Market Volatility: Discussing the role of financial advice in managing investments during volatile market conditions. 
  • Women in Financial Advice: Encouraging more women to consider a career in financial advice to close the gender gap in the industry. 
  • Personal Stories: Nicole shares a personal story of her mother, highlighting the importance of financial independence and advice. 

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Amie Baker is a licensed financial advisor and money coach. She is especially passionate about helping women achieve financial freedom. Her holistic approach incorporates everything from investing advice to self-care, how to think like an entrepreneur and take charge of your financial future. Amie is also the host of two podcasts focused on empowering money mindsets. 

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Standard Disclaimer:
Please note that any information shared in this podcast is general in nature and not to be perceived as financial advice. Please seek advice from a licensed financial advisor.

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