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Understanding Your Financial Set Point Whether you know it or not we all have a financial set point. This is simply the amount we are comfortable with when it comes to our financial position, and in some cases this amount… Read More »Understanding Your Financial Set Point

Financial Standard – Answering the Call Cover Story : Amie Baker Forging a career in financial advice wasn’t a simple path for Rekab Advice director and financial adviser Amie Baker. Cassandra Baldini writes. Her journey toward financial advice and owning… Read More »Financial Standard – Answering the Call

Episode 48 – Say Hello To A Successful Year! We’re back kicking off the new year with a practical step by step guide on how to kick your goals and create a super successful year. In this episode we explore… Read More »Say Hello To A Successful Year! | EP48

Episode 45 – Part 2 of the Mortgage Broker’s Wisdom We continue our conversation with fellow adviser and mortgage Broker John Cachia about strategy when it comes to lending and wealth creation. Ever wondered what “Debt Recycling” is or “positive… Read More »Part 2 of the Mortgage Broker’s Wisdom | EP45